Tips for Displaying Art

Tips for displaying art Congratulations!  You have purchased art you love, but now how do you display it? Art gives a room esthetic appeal.  You can use art to project a certain feeling to a space.  The key to decorating successfully with art is to give thought to where it will be displayed before hanging…… Continue reading Tips for Displaying Art

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Infrared Photography

Infrared Photography “Real vision is the ability to see the invisible” – Jonathan Swift What is Infrared Photography? Infrared is a look into the invisible world. The human eye can only see wavelengths from 400 nm-700 nm (from purple to red); infrared light is beyond 700nm to 1200nm. There are two ways to capture infrared…… Continue reading Infrared Photography

Reasons to Visit Oxford, Maryland

Reasons to visit Oxford, Maryland Things to Do in Oxford, Maryland Oxford, Maryland, is a waterfront, historic town located in Talbot County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Oxford originated in 1683 as a major shipping port for tobacco until the American Revolutionary War. After the war, the economic crop changed from tobacco to wheat…… Continue reading Reasons to Visit Oxford, Maryland