Welcome to Jacqueline LaRocca Photography
“I’m watching and wondering, feeling something from long ago”  Clannad
I specialize in black and white, and infrared, photography. My passion is researching, and taking photographs of, places that tell a story.  I wish to convey to you my feeling of something from long ago through my images. You are invited by me to browse my galleries, of black and white images from places worldwide.
These Fine Art Images will complement your wall art décor whether, in your home, or office. Black and White Framed Photography is a very classic look and will never go out of style
 I would be happy to answer any questions however trivial they might be.
Thank you for visiting my collection of photographs and hope, as a result, you feel something from long ago.


Italy Gallery


Greece Gallery



Thailand Gallery



Ireland Gallery



Scotland Gallery



Cambodia Gallery


Louisiana Gallery

  Maryland Gallery


  Virginia Gallery

  Washington DC Gallery

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