Your Gondola is Waiting, Venice, Italy, infrared, photo
Your Gondola is Waiting, Venice, Italy

About Jacqueline LaRocca Photography

Black-and-White and Infrared Photography

“I’m watching and wondering feeling something from long ago”  Clannad

Jacqueline LaRocca, fine art photographer, Black and White Photo Prints
Jacqueline LaRocca

 Passion for Fine Art Photography

Jacqueline LaRocca is a fine art photographer with a passion for preserving the history of landscapes and historical sites. She specializes in black-and-white and infrared photography and has traveled worldwide to capture dramatic images spanning Europe, Asia, and the United States of America. In addition, Jacqueline also enjoys capturing the magic of mother nature, creating ethereal images of earth and water.

Buddha Statues, Angkor Thom, Cambodia, fine art photography
Buddha Statues, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Preserving History for Future Generations

To support historic preservation efforts, Jacqueline often photographs places that may be at risk of disappearing one day. Additionally, she donates to multiple non-profit organizations that share her dedication to historic preservation. Furthermore, her photographs serve as a reminder of the significance of these sites and the need to preserve them for future generations.

Capturing the Magic of Mother Nature

Jacqueline has a keen eye for detail and a profound appreciation for the beauty of nature. She revels in capturing the enchanting essence of mother nature through her lens and transforming it into breathtaking works of art. Her images are not just photographs but a glimpse into a mystical world where earth and water merge to create a mesmerizing vista. Jacqueline’s skillful use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to her work, making her photographs dreamlike. With her innate ability to capture the fleeting moments of nature, Jacqueline’s artistry evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility in the viewer.

Bridge over troubled water at Belvoir Park Forest, infrared black and white landscape photography by Jacqueline LaRocca
Bridge over troubled water at Belvoir Park Forest, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Journey into Photography

Jacqueline’s journey into photography began many years ago when she discovered the work of British photographer Simon Marsden. Seeing Simon Marsden’s work inspired Jacqueline to study and learn infrared photography. Specifically, infrared photography involves capturing images using infrared light instead of visible light via the use of infrared film or a converted infrared camera. Additionally, the effect of infrared turns greens to whites and creates dynamic contrast.


Jacqueline LaRocca’s passion for fine art photography is evident in her work. Additionally, her ability to capture the beauty of nature and preserve the history of landscapes and historical sites is a testament to her talent and dedication. Furthermore, through her lens, she has created a mystical world where nature and history come alive. To learn more about haunted places and the paranormal, please visit her affiliate website, hauntedtraveler.com.

Reflection of Sitting Buddha and Temple Ruins, Thailand, fine art photography
Reflection of Sitting Buddha and Temple Ruins, Thailand

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