Your Gondola is Waiting, Venice, Italy, fine art, infrared, photography
Your Gondola is Waiting, Venice, Italy

About Jacqueline LaRocca Photography

Black and White Photo Prints by Jacqueline LaRocca

“I’m watching and wondering feeling something from long ago”  Clannad

Jacqueline LaRocca, fine art photographer, Black and White Photo Prints
Jacqueline LaRocca

I am a fine art photographer specializing in black and white photo prints featured in collections of images from Europe, Asia, and the United States of America.

My favorite photographic subjects are landscapes, historical sites, and abandoned places, consequently, I enjoy traveling all over the world in search of new and interesting places to photograph. 

Infrared Photography

My passion is black and white infrared photography. Many years ago, I saw the work of Sir Simon Marsden, a British Photographer, who specialized in black and white infrared photography. Influenced, by Sir Simon Marsden’s work, I consequently studied infrared photography.


To enhance my photographic skills, I enrolled and graduated from The Washington School of Professional Photography Program. Additionally, I am currently a member of the Maryland Professional Photographer’s Association. 

I learned photography using a Nikon film camera processing images in the darkroom. Subsequently, I progressed to a Nikon digital camera and a second Nikon camera exclusively converted for infrared photography. 

Where I Have Lived

Originally from Maryland, I moved south to New Orleans, LA, and then to Dallas, TX. Subsequently, I now live with my husband and two black and white cats in rural Carroll County, Maryland. I enjoy spending weekends on Tilghman Island, exploring the beauty and history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Where I have photographed

Jacqueline LaRocca Fine-Art Photography features photographs from around the world. First, fine-art photographs from a number of States, and the District of Columbia, in the United States. Second, fine-art photographs from Thailand and Cambodia in Asia. Third, fine-art photographs from Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland, Europe. Below, I have included a few photos from each gallery and you can visit each gallery by clicking on the gallery link. I specialize particularly in black and white infrared photography, and my passion is taking photographs of places that otherwise tell a story. In addition, you will see photographs that are not infrared photography.


With this in mind, I frequently express my feeling about something from long ago through my photographs. In conclusion, please browse my international galleries of black and white photography and I obviously hope you will experience something from long ago as much as I do. Thank you for visiting my website and by all means please feel free to contact me.

All images are available for purchase and license for publication

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