Ten Things To Know Before You Visit Ireland

Ten Things To Know

Castletown House, Kildare, Ireland, infrared photography
Castletown House, Kildare, Ireland

Before You Visit Ireland Ten Things to Know…

The Troubles

Firstly, it is important to be mindful of sensitive topics, such as “The Troubles” and politics. This can be polarizing and potentially offensive to locals. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid discussing these subjects to prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts.


Additionally, visitors from America may be referred to as “Yanks.” This is a colloquial term that should be understood and accepted without any offense.

Last Name and Personal Questions

It is also advisable to avoid asking personal questions, such as a person’s family background based on their last name, as this can be seen as intrusive and impolite.

Pack Light

Since cars in Ireland tend to be small, it is recommended to pack light to avoid any difficulties with transportation.

Avoid driving

Additionally, driving in Ireland can be challenging due to narrow roads and unfamiliar traffic laws.  Best to avoid driving if possible. However, if driving is necessary, it is important to familiarize oneself with the road rules and regulations before getting behind the wheel.

Drinking and Driving

In Ireland, drinking under the influence is strictly enforced, and it is essential to have a designated driver or refrain from drinking alcohol entirely.

Enjoy Local Food

Trying local, fresh food is a must.

Prepare for cold and rain

It is also important to be prepared for the weather by packing layers and rain gear, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Good manners

Moreover, etiquette is essential in Ireland, and it is essential to practice good manners, such as saying “please and thank you,” waiting your turn, and showing patience. These are simple yet critical elements of Irish culture that visitors should embrace.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Finally, it is recommended not to kiss the Blarney Stone as locals have been known to urinate on it. This is not only unpleasant but also disrespectful to the culture and history of the site.

Slainte and have a safe trip

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed ten things to know before you visit Ireland and have a safe trip.

Ornate Interior of Kanturk Castle, Cork, Ireland, infrared photography
Ornate Interior of Kanturk Castle, Cork, Ireland
Kanturk Castle, Cork, Ireland, infrared photo
Kanturk Castle, Cork, Ireland
Castletown House Driveway, Kildare, Ireland, fine art photography
Castletown House Driveway, Kildare, Ireland
Yew Tree Pathway in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland, fine art black and white photography
Yew Tree Pathway in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland
Stone Circle, Drombeg, Cork, Ireland, fine art black and white photography
Stone Circle, Drombeg, Cork, Ireland
O'Brien's Tower on Cliffs of Moher, Clare, Ireland, fine art photography
O’Brien’s Tower on Cliffs of Moher, Clare, Ireland
Grazing Time
Grazing Time
Dunguaire Castle
Dunguaire Castle, Galway, Ireland
Dublin Tap Markers
Dublin Tap Markers, Ireland

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