Ten Things To Know Before You Visit Ireland

Poulnabrone Dolmen (Portal Tomb), Burren, Clare, Ireland, standalone prints, framed, and on canvas, fine art photography by Jacqueline LaRocca
Poulnabrone Dolmen (Portal Tomb), Burren, Clare, Ireland
Ten Things To Know Before You Visit Ireland
    1. Don’t ask people about “The Troubles” or any politics.
    2. Be prepared to be referred to as a “Yank” (those from America).
    3. Don’t say, my last name is Murphy. Do you know where my family is from?
    4. Pack light – the cars are tiny.
    5. Avoid driving if possible.
    6. Drinking under the influence is strictly enforced. Have a designated driver.
    7. Eat the local, fresh food.
    8. Be prepared for the weather – pack layers and rain gear.
    9. Mind your manners – say “please and thank you”, wait your turn, don’t be demanding and practice patience.
    10. Don’t kiss the Blarney Stone – the locals pee on it!

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By Jacqueline LaRocca

Fine Art Photographer from Sykesville, Maryland, USA

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