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Washington DC

Fine-Art Prints

 Washington DC Fine-Art Photography

Washington DC Fine-Art Photography was easy for me. I feel extremely fortunate to have not only grown up in the Washington DC area but also to have several favorite places to visit in Washington DC. Millions of people travel to Washington DC to experience America’s Capitol every year as well as visiting great historical sites.

The National Mall (Fine art photography)

I still feel awe every time I visit the National Mall. The National Mall spans less than two miles from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol steps. Additionally, The National Mall is a historical ground for marches as well as political rallies, and famous speeches. The majestic Lincoln Memorial watches over the reflecting pool and is especially striking at night when illuminated by lights. This area will feature in all Washington DC Fine Art Collections.

Memorials on The Mall

On the left side of the National Mall is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial contains the names of veterans who sadly died in the conflict. Equally important, on the right side of the National Mall is a surreal collection of lifelike sculptures dedicated to Korean War Veterans. Adjacent to The Tidal Basin is the Jefferson Memorial in the center of a colonnade of columns and white marble. At the end of the reflecting pool is the Washington Monument that towers over all the memorials. Lastly, an immense work of art in honor of our World War II veterans.

Chinatown (Fine art photography)

Chinatown blossomed in the 1880s, taking root between Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, NW. Consequently, this vibrant neighborhood became the residence of numerous Chinese immigrants who established an array of Chinese restaurants, laundries, and stores. As the city underwent redevelopment, Chinatown itself underwent a transformation, shifting its location to the area between 8th and H streets.

Early 1960’s

In the early 1960s, due to political unrest in the city, many Chinese moved out of the town. Thankfully, today there remains a Chinese presence in the neighborhood. Chinatown is the site of the annual Chinese New Year Parade that streams under the large, decorative Chinese Friendly Arch. There are still authentic Asian restaurants and Asian stores where you can buy traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, teas, teapots, and cookware.

My Favorite Restaurant

One of my favorite restaurants in Chinatown is the Wok n Roll, situated at 604 H Street, NW. Moreover, it holds a special significance as the building itself is the site of the historic Surratt Boarding House. Interestingly, in 1865, it was at this very location where federal troops apprehended the conspirators behind President Lincoln’s assassination.

Ford’s Theatre (fine-art photography)

Twenty years before the existence of Chinatown, this area of the city was dirty and rundown. In 1863 John T. Ford converted a Baptist Church on 10th street into the famous Ford’s Theatre – the future site of the historical assassination of President Lincoln. I hope you get the opportunity to visit Washington DC, the US capital founded in 1790, offers a rich history with iconic landmarks. Moreover, it witnessed pivotal moments, like the Burning of Washington in 1812. Presidential legacies endure with monuments honoring leaders.


Furthermore, DC embraces culture with exceptional museums and institutions. As a beacon of intellectual enlightenment, it continues to grow. Therefore, Washington DC stands today as a vibrant metropolis, inviting visitors to explore its captivating heritage through Fine Art Photography.

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