Northern Ireland Prints

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Northern Ireland Fine-Art Prints

“Feeling Something from Long Ago”

Northern Ireland “Tuaisceart Éireann”

Northern Ireland Fine-Art Photography took several trips. Northern Ireland comprises six counties in the northeastern part of the island of Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom. Here is a place filled with contrast.  In part, it is a magical and mystical place – the ancient land of druids, pagans, and Vikings.  However, in dark contrast, Northern Ireland has the history of “The Troubles.” I traveled to Northern Ireland on a mission to see for myself and photograph images of its complex history.


Staying at the Europa Hotel in Belfast – known as the “most bombed building in the world.” I hired a local tour guide (a retired taxi driver who made a living as a taxi driver in Belfast during the Troubles) to take me to Belfast’s Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods.  In these neighborhoods, such as Shankill and West Belfast.

Murals, Memorials and Flags

I saw sectarian painted murals and memorials to deceased war heroes.  I saw British flags flying in the Protestant communities and Irish flags flying in the Catholic neighborhoods.  A giant wall divided the two.  I saw graveyards filled with memorials to young people killed in the conflict.  I also toured the medieval prison Crumlin Road Gaol.

Forts and Warriors

Conversely, I also visited historic Navan Fort “Emain Macha” in Armagh– the earliest capital of Ulster and the ancient seat of kings and believed to be the home to Cuchulainn – an old warrior hero with the Red Branch Knights.  Ancient ceremonial stones still exist.

Belvoir Forrest Park

Then beautiful Belvoir Forest in Belfast along the River Lagan.  The forest was once the site of the Hill Family plantation in the 1740s.  The area now offers nature walks.


Consequently, my Northern Ireland Fine-Art Photography represents the light and dark history of this unique land where I felt many things from long ago.

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Navan Fort Shadows, Free Derry Mural, Falls Rd Murals Belfast, View from the Medieval Cemetery at Belvoir Park Forest, Tree at Navan Fort in Armagh, The Graves at Crumlin Road Gaol, St Patrick's Cathedral, Steps at Navan Fort in Armagh, Passage Grave at Belvoir Park Forest, Inside Crumlin Road Gaol, Gravesite Tree at Belvoir Park Forest, Crumlin Road Gaol Gate, Convent with Bell Tower, Bridge over troubled water at Belvoir Park Forest, Belvoir Park Forest in Infrared, Belfast Ferris Wheel, Armagh Gaol

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