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Fine-Art Photography Prints of Louisiana

I love many things about Louisiana: the people, the culture, the food, the traditions, not to mention the music. However, as a photographer, I most love capturing history and architecture. Louisiana fine art photography was especially rewarding. Besides, I can’t think of any other place I have visited where I experienced such beautiful architecture and rich history. Additionally, I lived in New Orleans for a few years, allowing me to travel, explore and photograph historical sites throughout the state.

New Orleans

Undoubtedly, Louisiana is best known for New Orleans. New Orleans’s most well-known area is the French Quarter or the “Vieux Carre”. When the Creoles settled in New Orleans in the 1700’s they influenced architecture, food, customs, and religion. Creole is a mixture of Spanish, French, West African, and the Caribbean. Today the historical Creole influence is still strong, especially in the French Quarter. The French Quarter architecture is famous for its balconies and secluded courtyards. My favorite time to visit and photograph the French Quarter is on a quiet Sunday afternoon after all the revelries from the night before are gone. You can take in all the imagery and experience the beauty during this time.

Garden District

The Garden District, near the French Quarter, is famous for its beautiful mansions and gardens. Wealthy people moving into New Orleans settled in this area. The architecture of the historic Garden District consists of Greek Revival, Victorian, and Italianate. The Garden District evokes a feeling of romance. A visit here is like traveling back in time. On Washington Ave is historic Lafayette Cemetery #1. The cemetery dates to the early 1800s. New Orleans graveyards are unique because the water table is so high that people are buried above ground. The elaborate architecture of the tombs provides a beautiful resting place for the dearly departed. The Garden District is a magical place to photograph.


Not far from the Garden District is another beautiful area known as Uptown. The Uptown area is famous for the historic streetcar that runs along St. Charles Avenue. Magnificent mansions from the 1800s and graceful trees align St. Charles Ave. Conversely, Uptown is known for shotgun houses. The term shotgun describes this architectural style because the homes are long and narrow like a shotgun. Uptown offers a unique blend of architecture to photograph.

Mississippi River

Beyond New Orleans along the Mississippi River are historic plantations from the 1700s and 1800s. People settled along the banks of the Mississippi River from New Orleans north through Baton Rouge, to St. Francisville, to the Mississippi State line. Offering fantastic photo opportunities, the architecture of these plantations varies from Greek Revival, Antebellum, Creole, and Italianate. Some of the plantations were opulent, while others were modest. Many enslaved persons assisted with the building of the plantations. Some plantations still have the original housing and outbuildings used by enslaved people. While most of the plantations are gone, several have survived, giving us a glimpse into a past era.

I invite you to visit my collection of Louisiana fine art photography of some of my favorite places.

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French Quarter Balcony, River Road, Oak Alley Plantation, Nottoway Plantation, LaFayette Cemetery, LaGrange Plantation, Angel of Metairie Cemetery, Wall of LaFayette Cemetery, Tombs of New Orleans at LaFayette, The visit of Josie Arlington, St Patrick's Cemetery, Reflection of Greenwood Plantation, Oak Alley Plantation in Infrared, Lady of Greenwood Plantation, Josie Arlington's Ghost, Inside Lafayette Cemetery, Greenwood Plantation in Infrared, Anne Rice's House

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