Displaying Fine Art Tips

Displaying Fine Art Tips

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Congratulations!  You have purchased art you love, but now how do you display it?

Here are some tips for displaying art. All the better if you purchased fine art photography prints from Jacqueline LaRocca Photography.

Esthetic Appeal

Art gives a room esthetic appeal.  You can use art to project a certain feeling to a space.  The key to decorating successfully with art is to give thought to where it will be displayed before hanging it on the wall.

Professionally Framed

First, get art professionally framed.  Putting beautifully crafted art in a substandard frame detracts from the visual appeal of the art.

Layout Preparation

Before hanging the art on the wall, do a layout of the piece or pieces on paper and trace them.  Cut out the patterns and tape them on the wall.  Use this as your guide to hanging your art.  Planning will save your walls from too many unwanted holes!

Eye Level

Hang art at eye level (approximately 60 to 66 inches from the floor).


When hanging art over a couch, place the artwork 6 to 8 inches from the top of the couch.

Geometric Shapes

Use geometric shapes to guide you on how to place the artwork.  For example, hang four small art pieces together to form a square.  Conversely, hang three pieces together along a horizontal line in a row.

Most Significant Placement

When hanging several pieces of art together, place the most significant piece in the center with smaller pieces around it.

Smaller Artwork

Group smaller pieces of art together.  Hang small pieces two inches apart.  Consider hanging smaller artwork in a small space such as a bathroom or kitchen.  Adding art to a small space creates an intimate feeling.  Also, consider placing small artwork in bookcases and on tables.

Larger Artwork

When hanging several larger pieces together, place them three inches apart—alternatively, lean heavier pieces on a table against a wall. Always be conscious of safety first in the home or office.

Hanging Hardware

Use quality picture hanging hardware (available in hardware stores). Select hardware by the weight of the artwork. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the store.


Lastly, I hope displaying fine art tips helps you to enjoy your art!

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By Jacqueline LaRocca

Fine Art Photographer from Sykesville, Maryland, USA

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